Guide to Choosing the Best Macrame Cord for Your Projects

best macrame cord

Making awesome macrame stuff doesn’t need a bunch of stuff, but it does need loads of one essential item – the macrame cord. This pretty straightforward crafting material, cheap surprisingly and comes in loads of colors and styles, can really change the final piece. You might spot it in your local craft store, but trust me – your best bet is online, offering both quality and cost-effectiveness.The big question I often get is, “Where can I find the best macrame cord?

Sorting through the mess of options can be tough, especially when you want good stuff that doesn’t cost a fortune. From my own experience, I can say that it’s worth putting in on soft, high-quality cords that are a total joy to work with. However, it’s equally true that when starting out, learning a new technique, or working on a trial piece, a less pricey string might do the job. To help you have a smooth ride on your macrame journey, I’ve put together a full rundown, looking into the various types of macrame cord, the top spots to get it, and tips to choose the best cord for your project.

The Best Macrame Cord to Buy for Your Next Creative Venture

Picking the best macrame cord from the endless options online and in stores can be a big job, especially if you’re new to the macrame world. Before jumping headfirst into your macrame adventure, make sure that you get the hang of simple macrame knot techniques and look into some of the top macrame books available. These first steps are like learning to ride a bike before hitting the road.

types of macrame cordc

Here’s a quick look at the main types of macrame cord:

Braided String

Great for newbies, the braided string is both soft and tough at the same time. It comes in a bunch of colors and, most importantly, won’t come undone fast. This means you can untie and retie knots multiple times while learning. It’s super durable and perfect for creating plant hangers, household items that need a clean (like table runners or coasters), handbags, or larger pieces like rugs and curtains. You’ll usually find it in 3mm or 5mm sizes.

Three Strand (Triple Twist) Cotton Cord

Another hot pick for newbies, the 3-ply cotton cord is made from three separate strands twisted together. It’s super flexible and can be used for any macrame project, from wall hangings to clothes to home decor. It’s strong and a great choice for macrame plant hangers or stands. You can untwist the ends for a ‘wavy’ effect or brush it out. You’ll find it in sizes from 3mm to 20mm.

Single Twist Rope

The softest of the bunch, the single twist string, is my go-to suggestion for those with some macrame know-how or for tiny macrame jobs. Made from loads of small threads twisted together into one whole string, it’s nice to feel and work with. However, it’s quite sensitive, can come undone fast, and is less forgiving if you make a mistake or have uneven tightness. It’s easy to untwist, making it a fantastic choice for fringes, wall hangings, and home decor. The end result is soft, sleek, and fresh. It comes in various sizes from 1.5mm to 9mm.

All three types of macrame cord are generally available in materials like cotton, recycled cotton, and bamboo. I personally recommend and use 100% cotton or recycled bamboo materials because of their green and earth-friendly qualities. These cords come in a whole rainbow of pretty colors and shades to complement any macrame project and color scheme. Pick smartly, and let your macrame journey be a fun one!

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Where to Grab the Perfect Macrame String for Your Project

Buying your macrame string can be done both online and at some real-world shops. However, I totally recommend buying online or from niche stores.

Here are some cool spots to find macrame string:

Etsy: Etsy is a gold mine of macrame goodies, patterns, and string, all from creative small businesses all over. Here are some of my personal fav stores and where they ship from:

  • UnfetteredCo (Canada)
  • Bobbiny (Poland)
  • Ganxxet (USA)
  • MBCordas (Lithuania)
  • RockMountainCo (USA)

Amazon: Despite the drama, Amazon is the world’s biggest shopping site, making it an easy choice for finding different macrame strings. For instance, you can find things like the XKDOUS three-ply macrame string or the Tenn Well braided jute for outdoor macrame.

Retail Stores: While usually more pricey and maybe lower in quality, macrame string can be spotted in different big box stores all over the US, including Blick Art Materials, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Joann, Lowe’s, Michaels, and Walmart. However, for top-notch quality, your local macrame, knitting, and crochet groups might have some good tips for smaller niche stores.

Online Niche Stores: Besides big retailers, plenty of online niche stores offer a wide range of macrame goodies. These shops are usually small businesses, straight up supporting creators and entrepreneurs. While shipping and restocking might take a bit longer, and prices might be a bit higher, the no worries and awesome quality are totally worth it. Here are a few of my favorite online macrame string shops:

  • Ganxxet: While they mainly sell through their Etsy store, Ganxxet also operates directly from their Miami-based website. They have a great selection and a 10% discount at checkout with the code “Tiny.”
  • Modern Macrame: Emily Katz, a big name in the macrame scene, offers a wide variety of macrame string, essential goodies, patterns, and kits in her shop.
  • Niroma Studio: Started by fiber artist Cindy Hwang Bokser, Niroma has heaps of options, from macrame string to weaving looms, and more.
  • The Lark’s Head: Rachel Breuklander, a SoCal-based fiber artist, offers a variety of fiber goodies, including macrame string of many sizes, with discounts on bulk purchases.

Remember, the best string for your macrame project finally boils down to your project’s needs and what you like.

What to Look for in Macrame Cord

Picking the best macrame stuff can seem tricky at first sight, with all cords looking pretty much the same. However, once you dig in deeper, you’ll discover that macrame cord comes in a bunch of variants, each with cool features. Let’s go over the options you have when choosing the perfect string for your next macrame project, be it wall art, a plant hanger, or a coaster:

Cord Type

macrame cord sizes

Macrame cord comes in different kinds, each featuring a slightly different makeup that changes its feel and toughness.

Single Strand Cord

This cord is the thinnest and one of the hottest stuff in fiber art, consisting of a single twisted strand of natural cotton stuff. Often branded as “natural cotton,” this cord has a raw touch as it isn’t woven or braided, just tightly twisted. It’s not as firm or strong as other cord types, but it’s perfect for detailed, fringe wall hangings, feathers, and curtains due to its rustic and mid-century modern vibe.

Multi Strand Cord

Usually made from three twisted strands, multi-strand cord is tougher than single-strand cord. It’s perfect for crafting plant hangers, macrame shelves, and chairs.

Other Commonly Used Materials

Various other materials are also often used in macrame projects:

  • Braided Cord: This type of cord is super strong and perfect for creating soft hammocks.
  • Extra-Soft Cord: Ideal for light, fancy art and loom-style work.
  • Jute: A rougher stuff, jute is essentially an upscale twine, perfect for a classic bohemian look.


best cord for macrame

The thickness of your chosen macrame cord can seriously affect the final appearance of your project. If you choose a cord that is too thin, you might lose out on visual feel; conversely, if the cord is too thick, the finished piece can look chunky and awkward.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all perfect thickness for macrame cord – it really depends on the specifics of your project. However, 3mm and 5mm cords are generally versatile and suitable for a ton of situations. They’re easy to weave and knot, unlike extremely thin or thick cords. Remember, the strand type you choose will also change how the thickness looks in the final product.

For instance, 1mm cord is virtually just cotton string. It’s ideal for small, super detailed projects like feathers and intricate miniature wall hangings. However, it can be somewhat difficult to work with unless you have super nimble fingers.


what is macrame cord

Macrame cord is available in practically any color you can think of! If you can’t find the exact shade you’re looking for, don’t fret. It’s shockingly easy to learn how to dye macrame cord to your preferred color!

That said, two colors are really popular in modern macrame: natural cotton and white. Natural cotton has a gentle beige shade yet maintains a clean look. It adds a dash of comfort to your home. On the other hand, white macrame cord is way brighter and sharper but retains that warmth unique to textile art.


Finding the Best Macrame Cord for your project involves careful thought of various factors including the type, thickness, and color of the cord. The beauty of macrame is that it allows for a huge variety in creativity and style. Whether you choose a single strand or multi-strand cord, a thinner or thicker one, or a natural cotton color or a brighter white, the choice finally depends on your specific project and personal preference.

Shopping from suggested places like Etsy, Amazon, retail stores, and specialty shops is crucial to make sure you get quality and variety. Remember, what might be the best string for one project may not be the best for another. Always consider the planned use, look, and details of your design. Visit BeanDaikon for more in-depth guides and product suggestions to help you find the Best Macrame Cord for your next creation.

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