Mastering the Macrame Bracelet with Beads: A DIY Guide

macrame bracelet with beads

Looking for a chill crafting project that’s a mix of cool, artsy, and stylish? You’re in the right place! I love messing around with beads and cords. And let me tell you, turning a basic cord into a fab bracelet? Total game changer. From super trendy stretchy ones to classy wire bracelets, and those multi-strand looks, there’s a ton to play with in bracelet land. Every technique I’ll spill in this piece takes it up a notch, so whether you’re new to the bling-making game or an old pro, you’re in for a treat. Ready to get started? Macrame bracelet with beads – let’s make something awesome!

How to Make a Macrame Bracelet with Beads

Alright, before we get all knotty and beady, let’s talk gear. From my bead-loving days, I can tell you that having the right stuff makes all the difference. For this fab bracelet, here’s my go-to list:

Materials for Macrame Bracelet with Beads

  1. Beads: These little guys are the stars! Pick the ones that scream ‘you’.
  2. Rattail Cord: Silky, strong, and all kinds of nice, we’ll need 30 inches of this black magic.
  3. Embroidery Floss in Two Colors: Make sure you’ve got 60 inches in two shades that either clash or match – your call!

Macrame Bracelet with Beads Instructions

Macrame Bracelet with Beads might sound all fancy and complicated, but trust me, with some chill vibes and a bit of guidance, you’ll be nailing it super quick. Today, we’re diving into one of my fave methods – adding some sparkle with beads to classic macramé.

1. First off, fold the embroidery floss and rattail cord in half, making sure they’re all buddy-buddy. Give those cords a little twist to make a loop at the top. Grab a piece of cardboard and make slits on the top and bottom. Pop that loop into the top slit. Stick some masking tape on the back to keep things in check.

macrame bracelet patterns with beads

2. This is our secret weapon for the beads. With your embroidery floss ready, slide a bead onto both rattail cords.

macrame beaded bracelet patterns

3. Pull the bead up where it belongs. Starting from the left, make a ‘4’ over the cords, loop it underneath, and pull it through.

macrame beaded bracelet tutorial

4. Give both ends a little tug. Bam! First bead is locked and loaded.

macrame bracelet tutorial with beads

5. Time for another bead! Pop it onto the rattail cords. Since we started left last time, now let’s swing right. Picture making a ‘D’ with the right side, loop it like a pretzel, and pull both ends.

macrame bead bracelet tutorial

6. Keep adding beads and switch up your stitching between left and right. Make sure every bead’s snug and stitched up nicely.

how to make a macrame bracelet with beads

7. Keep up the bead magic till you’ve got the bracelet length you’re vibing with. The more beads you add, the more you’ll get into the groove.

macrame bracelet with beads tutorial

Dive deeper into the art of macramé! Explore our guide on ‘How to Make Macrame Bracelets at Home‘ now.

Elevating Your Macrame Bracelet with Beads

Throughout my macramé adventures, I’ve snagged some pretty awesome tricks that can turn a decent bracelet into a “wow, did you make that?” piece. Here’s the lowdown to up your bracelet game:

  1. Getting Bead Size on Point: One of the first things that hit me? Bead size is kinda a big deal. You want that bead to glide through the cord – not too tight, not too loose. Get it right, and your bracelet won’t just last but will also look super fly.
  2. Mix Up Those Knots: Feeling adventurous? Try out different knots! They can totally change up the texture and style of your bracelet.
  3. Shake Up Those Beads: Uniform is cool and all, but why not mix it up? Different bead sizes, shapes, or colors can make your bracelet pop.
  4. Color Outside the Lines: Macramé is like your personal coloring book. Switch up cord or bead colors. Go bold with contrasting shades or keep it chill with similar hues.
  5. Put Your Stamp on It: Every bracelet’s got a vibe, right? Make sure yours shouts “you”. Whether it’s a rad bead, a wicked knot, or a splash of color – own it!

Diving into the crafty world of macrame bracelets with beads isn’t just fun, it’s also kinda therapeutic. It’s the perfect mix of easy-peasy meets unleash-the-artist-in-you. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been at it for ages, these tips and tricks are gold.  For more crafty goodness make sure you check out BeanDaikon – it’s where all the cool crafters hang out.

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