Macrame Decor

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Dive into the ageless charm and fancy knot work of macrame, an ancient form of textile produced using knotting techniques. You might remember it from the 60s and 70s boho trend, but guess what? Macrame is back in style and fits right in with today’s home decor scene. From useful hanging shelves to cute nursery stuff, macrame decor can give any room a warm, unique, and hands-on appeal.

Macrame Hanging Shelves

Spruce up your home with our macrame hanging shelves, a perfect blend of looks and practicality. These are great for showing off your best books, plants, or prized collectibles, and they bring a cool boho vibe to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Whether you’re making a snug reading corner or need some extra storage in your sleek kitchen, these shelves are up for the job.

Macrame Kitchen

Add a unique twist to your kitchen with our macrame kitchen accessories. These accessories do double duty by holding your utensils, spices, and other must-haves, while also giving your kitchen a homey, rustic feel. With a bunch of designs to pick from, these pieces will jive with any kitchen look, be it classic country or swanky city chic.

Macrame Nursery Decor

Design a peaceful and trendy space for your kiddo with our macrame nursery decor. From dreamy wall hangings to cool mobiles and dream catchers, our nursery items add a relaxing, natural vibe to your baby’s room. Made in a rainbow of colors and patterns, you’ll find the perfect piece to match your nursery theme.

Macrame Plant Hanger

Show off your indoor or outdoor plants with our all-purpose macrame plant hangers. Want to display an exotic fern in your living room or a bright geranium on your patio? These plant hangers make it super fun and different. Designed to fit plants of all shapes and sizes, these hangers are a fresh, fashionable twist on the regular old plant pots.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Artfully enhance your living spaces with our top-notch macrame wall hangings. With tons of designs to choose from, they add a special, homemade touch to your home. These adaptable pieces can make any room feel cozier, be the standout feature in your living area, or add a chill factor to your bathroom. Made to blend with your current decor, they fill any space with a trendy, boho energy.

Check out the timeless cool of macrame decor with BeanDaikon. Our mix of items combines usefulness with boho vibes, jazzing up your spaces with fancy designs. Find the perfect macrame thing today and give your home a unique spin.