How to Make the Perfect Macrame Flower: A DIY Guide

macrame flower

The first time I stepped into the world of macrame, I was instantly hooked, especially by one design – the macrame flower. Think about a bunch of fancy knots and cool patterns, all meshing together to make something super stylish and artsy. That’s the macrame flower for me. Whether you’re already in love with this design like I am, or you’re just super curious to give it a go, you’re in the right place.

Come along, and let’s dig deep into all sorts of macrame flower designs. I’ll break things down, so it’s a piece of cake for you to make your own, and throw in some top-notch tips to nail that look. So, grab your favorite cord, get comfy, and let’s dive into the amazing world of macrame flowers together.

Types of Macrame Flowers

When we talk macrame flowers, there’s a whole world out there, just as varied as Mother Nature herself. Every design’s got its own vibe, which makes crafting them a real trip. Here are some of my fave macrame flower designs:

macrame flowers

  • Peonies: Ever checked out peonies? Man, they’re like big fluffy pillows of love. It’s not just about how big they are but the awesome layers they’ve got going on. They’re the kind of flowers that’ll turn any spot into the coziest nook you’ve ever seen.
  •  Roses:These have been the ultimate symbol of love and style for, like, ever. And with macrame? They get a total makeover! You can make them in any color you fancy, and each one’s like telling its own little story.
  • Lilies: If you’re talking about pure class, it’s gotta be lilies. They’re naturally beautiful, but with macrame? They get this super delicate vibe that’s just unreal. They’re sleek, curvy, and just the kind of thing you’d want if you’re going for that chilled, classy feel.
  •  Orchids: Seriously, orchids are something else! They’ve got this cool, exotic look that’ll make anyone’s head turn. And when you toss macrame into the mix? Boom! Art explosion. It’s the knots and patterns that make them stand out even more.
  •  Tulips: They’re like a fresh spring day wrapped up in a flower. Using macrame, they become even cheerier, if you can believe that. These bright buddies are sure to make anyone’s day and spread good vibes wherever they go.

Making a Macrame Flower: How to Nail the 5-Petal Look

Crafting a macrame flower is kinda like telling a story. Every knot and twist is like a little bit of love, creativity, and some serious patience. In this guide, I’m gonna show you how to make a sweet 5-petal macrame flower that I’m totally in love with.


  • Teal string: Grab 5 pieces, each 50cm long, for the petals.
  • Ecru string: Need 2 pieces, between 8-10cm, for the middle part.
  • A table or any flat spot to work on.
  • Some tape.

Let’s Get Knotting:

macrame flower patterns

1. First, take a teal string and fold it in half. Slide another string into that fold you just made and tape it down on a flat surface.

2. Next, grab another teal string, fold it up, and tie a knot called a vertical Double Half Hitch on the first bit of the string you taped down.

3. Do the same knot on the second bit of string you’ve got taped down.

4. To make it look neat, do steps 3 and 4 with the rest of the teal strings.

5. Start on the left side, take the first string, and tie it with the next four strings using Double Half Hitch knots.

6. Start on the left again, take the first string as your guide, and tie it with the next string.

macrame flower tutorial

7. Pair up your guide string with the next one to make a new pair. Grab the third string and do another knot.

8.To make the petal look even, do steps 7 to 9 on the right side.

9. For the center, tie a simple knot on both ends of the ecru string and fold them in the middle.

10. Lay out your 5 petals in a circle and pop the folded center bits in the middle.

11. Take a teal string, wrap it tight under the petals, and tie it off.

Remember, each macrame flower you create carries a piece of your soul. So, infuse them with love, passion, and the above tips to watch them bloom in all their glory. Happy crafting!

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Tips and Tricks for Making Macrame Flowers

So, during all the hours I’ve spent playing around with cords and knots, I figured out that macrame isn’t just about copying what someone else did – it’s your own little sandbox for creativity. Making a macrame flower? Well, that’s an art, buddy! And like with all artsy stuff, it loves a bit of wild thinking. Here’s what I’ve learned (and you might wanna know):

  1. Mix It Up: Don’t just stick to one color or feel. Chuck in a mix of colors and textures, and you’ll end up with flowers that are all you.
  2. All About the Knots: Sure, there are some basic knots to know, but don’t stop there. Mess around with different knots and watch the cool patterns you come up with.
  3. It’s All in the Details: It’s kinda like when you put on a necklace and feel fancier. Adding beads, sequins, or other little sparkles can make your flower pop.
  4. Show It Off: You made it, so flaunt it! Put it in a window, hang it on a wall, just make sure everyone gets a good look at your handiwork.
  5. Always Be Learning: There’s so much to macrame. Check out books, hit up a workshop, or chat with folks online. The deeper you go, the cooler your stuff will be.

Kicking off your macrame flower journey is like diving into a world of creativity, patience, and pure passion. Picking colors, trying out knots, every little thing is like a piece of you. And with all the cool stuff shared on Beandaikon, you can turn some strings into beautiful flowers that scream talent. So, go wild, keep trying, and let every flower be a little piece of you.

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